ll, the rumours are true.

For the past few weeks, we’ve somehow managed not to blurt out after a few beers that Craft Beer Rising will descend upon Drygate from the 19th-21st September (a feat of secrecy for which we surely deserve a beer?).

The first thing you’ll surely want to know is that tickets are on sale now, and that you can buy them online hereThey're £20 and for that you get you a beer glass and £5 worth of drinks tokens.

The second thing you’ll want to know is what’s happening at it. Essentially it’s an excuse to get together and celebrate great beer, great food and great music (what else is there?). There’ll be over 200 beers from 45 local and international breweries - with some names including Tempest Brew Co, Siren, Beavertown, Thistly Cross Cider, Pilot Brew Co and Harbour - and a programme of talks and demonstrations, such as live brewing. 

Craft Beer Rising is a relatively new event; it was founded in 2012, when Daniel Rowntree and Chris Bayliss wanted to start a “culturally awesome” beer festival. So it’s genuinely exciting that it’s now crossing borders and coming up north, mainly because:

(a) this is a great chance for local brewmakers to get their stuff into the right hands*

(b) some of the Drygate crew attended last year and it is an excellent, excellent event.


“Born out of a desire to create a culturally awesome beer festival, Craft Beer Rising is about discovery and adventure as well as creating an environment where everyone – from adventurous foodies to music lovers, craft beer novices to aficionados – can get involved.  

“When looking for a location outside of London, we were instantly drawn to Glasgow. The city’s emerging craft beer scene is hugely exciting and is something that breweries from all over the world want to be a part of. 

“Craft Beer Rising has traditionally been held within the walls of a brewery, so our festival at Drygate is no exception. Not only is Drygate one of the coolest places to experience craft beer in Scotland, it’s also powered by a collective of people who share the same ethos as us – to take people on an immersive journey through craft beer culture and beyond.”


Fri 19th Sep: 7pm - 1am (£20)
Sat 20th Sep: 12 noon - 6pm (£20) | 6pm-1am (£20)
Sun 21st Sep: 11am - 6pm (£20)


Buy online (£20):

*There’s an actual dedicated session for trade on Fri 19 Sep from 11am-5pm. Give us a shout on if you want any more information on this.

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