The Festive Season  - It always conjures up loud ridiculous jumpers that keep you cozy from the notorious Glasgow weather, the alluring aroma of a perfectly made mulled wine...yum to those cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg and finding that perfect spot in a bar you never want to leave...snowflakes battering the window, lights dimmed, logs crackling on the...you guest it...the log burner!

This is our first festive period & all the staff are as excited as a kid on Christmas day. You guys should be too - I mean Craft Beer, fine wines and loads of gin, to accompany the kitchens soundtrack of “fearless food for the soul” and not to mention the array of events you'll not want to miss! 

So in anticipation of our festive brochure coming out this week, we thought we would tease you with just the cover. We know you will feel it, shake it and try and peek through its perfectly wrapped paper!!

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