We've currently got our highest ever number of Drygate brews on tap, totalling seven in all - that's one for every day of the week, if you fancy taking on the Official Drygate Daily Drink Challenge.*

Two of them are brand spanking new, namely a cask session IPA from Alessandra called Forelsket (4%) - which according to urban dictionary means that feeling when you first start to fall in love. Whilst we can't promise to have created a magical potion making your current object of desire fall head over heels with you*, we can promise a really good brew. 

Another must-try is a very bitter Belgian Pale Ale (4.4%) brewed by Ed, using Belgian yeast and a lot of Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand to create a surprising bitter freshness. 

Then we've got some particular favourites which people have asked for again and again, including the Rin Stout, and Jake and Ed's Inevitable Conclusion (the story behind which we explained here). 

Come down, say hello, give them a try (ask us about flights!), leave very happy.***

* We jest, there is no challenge, other than drinking responsibly and in moderation which we should all do. 

** Yeah, it's those drinking-advertising regulations again. 

*** Because you're naturally happy. Not because of the drink. Oh, this is a nightmare...


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