This is quite simply a really excellent IPA. Yes, we say it a lot, but Magic Rock are some of our favourite brewers (think modern, flavourful, hop forward 'big beers') and this is one of our favourite brews from the relatively new Huddersfield microbrewery, which was incidentally voted one of the top new breweries of 2012 by rate

For those who always want more, they've got a double IPA called Human Cannonball (9.2%) which is described as "what it tastes be shot out of a cannon". Having never been shot from a cannon we're not sure if there's a potential lawsuit in there or not. If you fancy trying this one then give us a shout at the bar, or leave a note on our Facebook or Twitter pages, and if there's enough demand you may soon find out what it tastes like to be shot out of a cannon. 

Anyway. Cannonball is available at the bar now at £4.50 per 2/3 (because it's 7.4%. Watch yourselves). 


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