'Shosanna' - 5.4% Single Hop Farmhouse Ale

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'Shosanna' is a 5.4% Hallertau Blanc single hopped farmhouse ale.

Brewed in our 250L Studio Brewery by Brewer Joshua, 'Shosanna' is the first beer fermented & conditioned on our newly installed Studio Brewery FV/CTs.

250L Studio Brewery:
Beginning in 2014, our small-batch Studio Brewery has encouraged our brewers to take risks and concoct a vast array of styles. All beers in the series will be designed & brewed by members of Team Drygate, launching exclusively at our Brewhouse Bar & Kitchen.

The Beer
Coming in at 5.4% 'Shosanna' was brewed with pilsner malt & a high proportion of malted wheat resulting in a traditional French-Belgian Farmhouse Ale with a straw-blonde hue.

Hallertau Blanc hops offer aromatic notes of herbs & citrus, while the Belle Saison yeast yields traditional pepper, spice and citrus characteristics.

The first release from our small batch series, the beer will be available on draft exclusively at our Brewhouse Bar + Restaurant from Friday 7th July.

OG: 1.044
FG: 1.003
IBU: 16
Hops: 2.5 g/l [Hallertau Blanc]

For sales enquiries please contact sam@drygate.com


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