Small-Batch Friday

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Three brand new releases from our Small-Batch FT Series will be launching tonight at our Brewhouse Bar + Kitchen, showcasing ingredients & styles from all over the world.

'Countermeasures' [7.2%]
Brewed by Chief Scudder Dan & Lead Brewer Pete 'Countermeasures' is the third beer from our small-batch FT Series, a complex and balanced Saison brewed with Scottish pine needles, picked by hand from Glen Loin.

'Southland Burr'  [4.9%]
Brewed by Brewer & Proud Rudhach Marc 'Southland Burr' is a Pale Ale showcasing incredible NZ hops: Motueka, Southern Cross & Green Bullet. Brewed with plenty of oats for a smooth & hazy beer with subtle tropical fruit flavours.

'American Things' [5.5%] "He likes American Things now"
Brewed by Brewer Phil 'American Things' is an American Wheat Ale, fermented on US-05 and brewed with boatloads of Citra, Cascade & Hallertau Blanc for a crisp candied lemon-peel & passionfruit finish.

250L Studio Brewery:
Beginning in 2014, our small-batch Studio Brewery has encouraged our brewers to take risks and concoct a vast array of styles. All beers in the series will be designed & brewed by members of Team Drygate, launching exclusively at our Brewhouse Bar & Kitchen.

All three beers will be pouring on our bar from 4pm on Friday 13th October.

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