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For some, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is the cornerstone of the festive season. It encapsulates everything most beloved at Christmas; from its themes of redemption, family, and charity, to many of the traditions we now hold dear - and that’s before we even get to the Muppet version.

Central to the story is Scrooge's visitation by four spectres (yes, it’s four, pay attention), who teach him that a rich and fulfilling life can only be achieved through sharing and generosity of spirit. Well, might not have four spectres for you, but our latest quartet of Spectrums (Spectra?) are packed and ready for us to share with you. SEE WHAT WE DID THERE?

Our Spectrum series celebrates the wide continuum of beer styles that exist in craft beer today. The brainchild of our lead brewer Pete Sansom, Spectrum sees our team given free rein to brew four beers every month, in whatever styles they wish. We then release them on draft in our Brewhouse Bar, on the first Thursday of every month, with at least one bottled and thus available in our Bottle Shop and Online Shop.

So, what are we pouring from 12pm today?


NAKATOMI OFFICE PARTY -7% Clootie Dumpling Scotch Ale

Glass of dark coloured Scotch Ale with brown background

First up this month, we have Nakatomi Office Party. Brewed with treacle, sultanas, currants, ginger, orange peel, lemon peel, cinnamon, mixed spice and AN ACTUAL clootie dumpling, this Scotch ale carries depth of malt flavour, notes of rum-soaked fruit, and a smooth golden syrup sweetness. A Drygate staff collab, our awesome bar & restaurant team were involved in this brew, spearheaded by brewers Dan and Marc. And yes, Die Hard is a Christmas film.


JAM DUNK -4.4% Strawberry Jam Dunkelweisse

Glass of dark coloured Dunkelweisse with pink background

Combining the complex malt character of a dunkelweisse with the unmistakable flavour of strawberry, this German-style dark wheat beer is toast and jam, in liquid form. (Editor’s note - we are not advocating drinking this beer for breakfast on Christmas morning. Definitely not.) Light coffee aromas, hints of milk chocolate, and a low bitterness leave this beer firmly in the malt-forward camp, with flavours of banana and bubblegum, a soft note of clove, and strawberry on the finish. Another staff collab, this time headed up by Dave and Dan.


ARRAKIS - 10% Spiced Belgian Quad

Bottle of Arrakis with yellow background

Arrakis is a spiced quadrupel - warming aromatics meet speciality malt, in a mash-up of fruity and spicy flavours. Evoking clove-studded oranges, ginger cake and sultanas on the nose, this medium-dry Belgian-style amber ale finishes light but complex, with peppery spice rounding out the flavour. A concept developed by our Managing and Ops directors, Matt and Sam Corden, Arrakis is now available in bottle as well as on draft.


RITES OF PASSAGE - 12% Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine

Bottle of Rites of Passage with cream background

Under the watchful eye of brewer Josh, this amber barleywine has spent 4 months in a bourbon cask - the first release of our new barrel programme, soon to be followed by Close Quarters and Fire Down Below (more on our new barrel programme in an upcoming blog). Aromas of caramelised banana, honey, toasted marshmallow, and lightly charred oak, followed by inviting flavours of candied orange peel, vanilla, and bourbon-soused currants. A mellow barleywine, with a soft chewiness and a surprisingly light citrus finish. We’ve packed most of this beer into bottles, so blink and you’ll likely miss it on draft.

So come on down, our December Spectrum releases are pouring now! And if that’s not enough to tempt you, not only is our amazing brand new menu being served up in the Restaurant, but our monthly stand-up showcase Brew Haha! is live tonight, at only £7 on the door. Even Ebenezer Scrooge himself wouldn't turn his nose up at that.

(Incidentally, if all this talk of Dickens has given you the urge to watch A Christmas Carol, check out our recent homage featuring our very own Sorcha and Mori; possibly the finest adaptation to date.)

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