Meet The Brewer is one of those events that was just a tantalising glint in our eye when the concept of Drygate was first conceived. Imagine being able to invite brewers from across the globe - Glasgow to Oslo, Edinburgh to New York - to come to the venue and talk to us about their ethos, their views, the mantras that take them through their brewing processes? And, ultimately, let us taste their wares? 

Well, we've been lucky (and determined) enough to make this a reality. The first Thursday of every month at Drygate will be Meet The Brewer, where we invite people from our favourite breweries to come along, take over our taps and hold a talk for you guys. 

Imagine; German brewers telling you about their esteemed history brewing weissbier, American brewers telling you about their expansive West Coast hop farms, Belgian brewers telling you about their top secret yeast strains. In summary, the greatest beer in the world, on your doorstep. 

For the launch night Thursday 17th July we've got three treats rolled into one, namely:

The exclusive Glasgow launch of Natural Selection Brewing's new brew, Mutiny On The Beagle
A Q&A and tasting with Tom Newman from Caerphilly brewery Celt Experience 
A Q&A and tasting with Melissa Cole, revered beer blogger and author of Let Me Tell You About Beer

In short: this is an evening of great beer, exclusive insights and interesting chat, on your doorstep, for free. 

Please note: with a VERY small capacity (40 people) this event will work on a first come, first served basis. Please arrive at 7pm if you want to attend, and we'll kick off around 7.30pm.


See you there!

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