YODIE - 5.3% Hefeweizen

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The latest release from our Small Batch 250L Studio Brewery, 'Yodie' is a 5.3% Hefeweizen.

Brewed in our 250L Studio Brewery by Head of R&D Jake, 'Yodie' is named after our brewery dog/mascot/supreme overlord and is the latest release in our Studio Brew series, allowing our brewers to create small batches of varying styles.

The Beer
Coming in at 5.3% 'Yodie' is our take on a German Hefeweizen, one of the most popular beer styles in the world.
Brewed with a mixture of Malted Wheat + Pilsner malt with minimal hop additions, 'Yodie' is a thirst-quenching, easy drinking wheat beer; Perfect for the Glaswegian summertime. Aromas of banana and clove dominate the palette, as expected for the style, combined with a refreshing but minimal bitterness and matched by subtle bubble gum + vanilla flavours created by the yeast.

Studio Brew
Beginning in 2014, our Studio Brew series has encouraged our brewers to take risks and concoct a vast array of styles, with some of these brews going on to be produced on our 24Hl production brewery as part of our Studio Range and with all beers in the series available on draft at our Brewhouse Bar + Kitchen.

'Yodie' is currently pouring alongside two of our other small-batch beers at our Brewhouse Bar + Kitchen: 'Ceol Mor', a 5% Scotch Ale; the traditional malt bomb jangling with shillings, and 'Anima', our brand new Witbier brewed with coriander seed, orange + lime peel.
Join us at the bar + raise a schooner to the brewers on the other side of the glass, or join us on a brewery tour to get a closer look at how our beer is made: Book Here.

OG: 1.050
FG: 1.009
Malts: Malted Wheat, Pilsner
Yeast: WB-06

For sales enquiries please contact sam@drygate.com

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