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THE FUTURE OF DESIGN: Adding Value Through Emerging & Enabling Technologies
by Technology Scotland with Corporate SponsorsHGF Ltd & Enigma People Solutions



We are thrilled to invite 3 leading speakers from industry and academia, including:

Tristan Elliott & Kristian Clezy, i4 Product Design

Don Mcintyre, Design Director, Glasgow School of Art



Are you a Designer, Technologist, Innovator, Scientist, Entrepreneur...or all of the above? Then read on!

Building on a long tradition of innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialisation, the design, technology and creative sectors have been identified by the Scottish Government as some of Scotland’s key industries. ‘Design’ itself covers a broad range of industries; however the common goal is to create or reimage products and outcomes that are successful, innovative, and which provide a range of ground-breaking solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges

The technological changes from the Industrial Revolution to the world we know today have been immense. Now, new technologies are changing the way companies view product design and development. Emerging & Enabling Technologies are disrupting the product life cycle, allowing for companies to look at new ways to design products which address challenges and solve problems.

As we enter the next wave of technological change, this event will explore how these Emerging & Enabling Technologies can reimage established products across a range of sectors to add value and drive profitability; whether it be healthcare, consumer, industrial or renewable products, design not only provides the framework for how new technologies work and are used, it also places it in a broader context that includes the total ecosystem with which it interacts.


5pm: Networking and refreshments

5:30pm: Technology Scotland welcome

5:40pm: Pitch

5:45pm: Tristan Elliott & Kristian Clezy, i4 Product Design: Who is driving the intelligent tools? Emerging and Enabling Technologies in Practice.

6:15pm: Pitch

6:20: Don McIntyre, Design Director, Glasgow School of Art

7:00: Drinks, Canapes and Networking - Attendees are encouraged to stick around to enjoy one of Drygate's famous craft beers and some (modern day!) canapes!


DOORS: 5pm - 7pm



Drygate Event Space Price Free
Buy Tickets
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