It seems almost too obvious a choice to go for one of Camden's core range given the brewing collective's well-deserved spot as one of the UK's key craft breweries, but then, there's a reason the guys kept making more of this one, a Belgian-style witbier spiked with the taste of slow-roasted lemons and the fragrant hint of bergamot. At 4.3%, it's the sort of smooth, easy drinking brew that goes down best after a long day at work (according one of our brewers Ed, anyway).

According to Camden, the inspiration for it lay "somewhere between a plate of lemon meringue pie and a cup of Earl Grey tea". James then roasted 20 lemons covered in bergamot for 20 hours, until they were juicy, fragrant, caramelised and sharp, then made the beer to a classic recipe and yeast strain with the lemons bombing into the whirlpool at the end of the brew.

It's available now in the Bottle Shop (along with the rest of their excellent core brews) for £2.70 - give it a try.

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