FT009 - 'Arrakis'

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Brewed on our 250L Studio Brewery by Ops Director Matt + Sales Manager Sam, 'Arrakis' is the latest beer fermented + conditioned on our new 'FT Series' of FV/CTs.

The Beer:
Sitting pretty at 10% 'Arrakis' is a spiced Belgian Quad, named for the 'Wasteland of the Empire', and the source of the all-powerful Melange from the Dune Universe.

"I will have Arrakis back for myself! He who controls the spice controls the universe!"

Fermented on WY-3787 Trappist Yeast to give a complex + fruity ester profile, FT009 - 'Arrakis' is based on a homebrew recipe from Matt + Sam, upsized onto our 250L Studio Brewery. The hotside additions of Orange Peel, Nutmeg + Long Pepper complement the traditional Belgian yeast character in this strong Festive Quad.

We'll be tapping the first keg at our Brewhouse Bar + Kitchen on Wednesday 20 December at 5pm; Join us under the Seven Peaks to raise a festive spiced schooner to celebrate the season and keep away that winter chill.

OG: 1.102
FG: 1.025
Aroma Hops: Styrian Wolf
Adjuncts: Orange Peel, Nutmeg, Long Pepper

FT Series:
Custom built with a bespoke cooling system assembled by Head Brewer Dave & Brewer Marc, the three vessels of the FT Series (Father Fintan Stack, Sister Assumpta & Pat Mustard) are the newest additions to the Drygate Fermentation Family. All beers in the series will be designed & brewed by members of Team Drygate on our 250L Studio Brewery, launching exclusively at our Brewhouse Bar & Kitchen.

For sales enquiries please contact sam@drygate.com

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